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Mark Hurd Says Oracle Can Win the Cloud War with these Strategies


Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle recently talked on CNBC about how his company could win the cloud war. But before we delve in on his strategy, it is important to understand a few things about the cloud industry. Firstly, this space is dominated by three tech giants in Amazon, Microsoft and Amazon. The three global giants control over half of the market as things stand. Amazon is the clear leader as of now but the company is facing serious competition from the other tech giants.


More and more businesses are ditching their in-house computing resources for cloud. The industry is at a point where serious disruption can create new leaders. Hurd is optimistic that Oracle has what it takes to take the war to its rivals. There's a developing cloud war between tech giants as each company tries to consolidate their positions in the marketplace. Obviously, every tech company is working hard. But MR. Hurd believes that Oracle can win this war with their unique strategies.


Firstly, he is a believer of innovation as the best way to take a business forward. In many keynote addresses he's made, he has always emphasized that companies must invest innovation if they are to thrive in the market moving forward. For him, companies that fail to put enough budget into innovation will be left to die or will have little growth. But those that put significant dollars into innovative ideas will be rewarded in a big way. He cited the case of consumer spending  increasing each year while company spending remains the same.If you want to learn more about Mark Hurd, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Hurd#Oracle_Corporation_.282010.E2.80.93present.29.


As for Oracle news assault on the cloud space, Hurd is positive about oracle chances as they are constantly acquiring innovative companies in the cloud space with the view of strengthening their position. He also believes that moving forward, companies will compete on the services they provide on cloud  aside from storage and computing resources being fronted now.


With clouds services here becoming popular, it not long before cloud services can be commoditized. Such a move would attract more small businesses to cloud. But Hurd reckons that it is only through innovation and focusing on the needs of customers can accompany again advantage over its competitors. The era of businesses having power in the market are over, as the consumer's voice can now be heard clearly via platforms such as social media.