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Notable Achievements Of Mark Hurd


Sometimes the learning process and personal experiences have a great impact on a person's future. While the weak give up along the way when faced with hardships and challenges in life, the wise consider challenges as stepping stones for more achievements. Mark Hurd is one of the most successful men who has faced great problems and still managed to take small companies to greatness. A short duration after he gave up power as the Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-Packard, a computer manufacturing company, Mark Hurd joined Oracle, a top software company. Despite the challenges associated with shifting from one role to another in a different firm, Hurd's concern was success and improvement of Oracle. While anyone would be upset with trending stories that could possibly turn his image and reputation, the trying circumstances motivated Mark Hurd to push on and attain greater achievements. Instead of falling from grace, he triumphed and became a great inspiration to both the existing and upcoming corporate leaders.


As the official co-CEO of the reputable company, Oracle, Mark Hurd came in the spotlight due to exemplary performance. Unlike some managers who provide short-term solutions to permanent problems, Hurd focuses on addressing the root cause of corporate issues and has successfully contributed in dealing with major challenges facing Oracle. Although HP only required streamlining and coordinating business operations, Oracle needed a complete restructuring of the existing systems designed to develop and sell software. Oracle was behind the curve in the sale of software and most customers shifted to other cloud service companies for software such as enterprise resource planning, human capital management, and customer relations management. A year after Mark Hurd joined Oracle; he took the role of marketing and managing sales while Cats focused on finance and human resource management. Despite numerous challenges, Mark Hurd has almost doubled sales teams and prepared it for the advanced cloud products that are doing well in the market presently.


From the experiences of Mark Hurd, it is clear that he has learned and progressed through facing hardships and coming up with innovative ways of solving those problems. When you think of the challenges encountered in the process of transforming Oracle, you might be astonished by the great change an individual can make in an organization. Within just a few years, Oracle under the guidance of Mark Hurd and the co-CEO has acquired, partnered and worked with different technology companies to boost software services for their clients. Checking the notable improves made within the few years, nobody can tell what other achievements to expect from Mark Hurd and Oracle. Know the full story here!


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